issue 01


For the first issue, we asked the community a simple question  

“what do you see and hear when you look up at the sky?”

What we received were playful, profound and poetic responses. In this interactive issue we present the wonder and intrigue the world has always shared for the sky above. Come, listen, watch and experience the skies from across geographies and timezones, as a reminder of our oneness and our plurality.

contributors for issue 01

Text, photos and videos featured in issue 01 were contributed by the following persons:
Aachman Srivastava
Anant Kumar
Chandni Sawlani
Darren D’Souza
Dhritee Bordoloi
Dunstan Dias
Harshita Sethia
Ishan Hendre
Khushboo Parekh
Lavina Rohra
Maitreyi Natrajan
Malaika D’Souza
Malini Sasidharan
Muskan Lamba

Neeraj Sebastian
Sonia Parekh
Sruti Lodha
Navin Kushwah
Nishtha Manchanda
Parnika Bharadwaj
Pooja Haria
Preetham Nazareth
Rini Joseph
Saniya Zehra
Shivani Agarwal
Soghra Fatima
Varunya Venkatesh
Zenith Mehta

IRL team for issue 01

Sonia Parekh

Creative Producer
Eeshita Kapadiya
Art & Design 
Darren D’Souza
Yashasv Saluja

Social Media Manager
Nishtha Manchanda

move me


In-line with the ethos of zine-making, we cut up little corners of the internet - looking for inspiration wherever we scrolled, zoomed in and searched. We want to share what we found with you and pay forward the delight of discovery to you.

Instructions for a Soundwalk

Why Yoko Ono loves the Sky
Sunday Sky Paintings by Byron Kim
The Sky, Cinema and Poetry

move me