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Where do your memories live forever?

In the ‘Room that Cultivates’ are collections that were born from customs and traditions. These collections often carry years on them and are family heirlooms ranging from jewelry to recipes. Women take on the role of preserving these collections that act as symbols of their family and cultural values.

“Collecting the Intangible” by Mrinalini Sebastian︎︎︎

“I have seen the desire to collect in my cousin, Veena, and she seems to be the guardian of whatever is good and inter-generational in the family. And it's interesting that these things are not as much objects as memories and interestingly, recipes.”

“A Custom of Curiosity” by Shreya Rawat︎︎︎

“I have distinct memories of being fascinated by the beauty of these accessories and occasionally borrowing them for a photo. These moments allowed me to capture the essence of the stories shared by the women of our community and create lasting memories.”

“A Kitchen Inheritance” by Shanoo Muralidharan︎︎︎

“My grandmother's house in our hometown has really, really large vessels that they use for cooking, and during functions. These are things that have been passed down for generations and it's probably something that her mother gifted to her. They made it especially so that my mother could take it with her when she got married.”