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Where do you keep your memories safe?

In the ‘Room that Remembers’ you will find collections that safeguard memories of the past and a legacy for future generations. They hold stories of love and resilience, of women’s hidden talents and their creative endeavours. As these collections are passed down, they connect families across generations and bear witness to the labor and love of their creators and collectors.

“Grand Little Things” by Raquel Amaral︎︎︎

“I think many people, especially young women from our generation who marry, don’t want to keep memories of the previous generation. I've heard some say “Oh, that belongs to my mother-in-law. I don't want it.”

And I’m like, why? Your husband belongs to your mother-in-law.”

“Weaving Resilience” by Mrunalini Davjekar︎︎︎

“This is a reminder of my grandmother's resourcefulness during a difficult time. It is an inspiration for me and maybe the generations that follow.”

“The Healing Virtues of Saris and Dupattas” by Nishtha Manchanda︎︎︎

“And I remember her showing me a lot of jewelry saying,“this is for you, you'll decide if you want to keep this for yourself or want to give it to your brother's wife”

I think jewelry is the only thing that she ever showed me. But once she passed away there were a lot of things.”