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Where do you hide a piece of yourself?


In a ‘Room that Nurtures’ are collections that tend to the collector’s own values, beliefs and personhood. This room holds stories of humorous self-indulgences and carefully hidden inner lives.

“Bagging Memories” by Priya Sathe︎︎︎

“Honestly, I do sometimes think that I need help because of the way I hoard them and ask for more. But then I can't be blamed for wanting to keep my memories alive, can I?”


“After my mother's marriage, my parents took a lot of international trips and since then began collecting coins and keeping them for memory.” 

“On a whim, once when I was about 16, instead of watching TV or calling friends when I was alone at home, I decided to take a peek into that box. I don’t know how I feel about this now knowing how private that sandooq is for her. But I found loving letters.”