Mrunalini Davjekar on her great-grandmother’s handmade crochet pieces

“This collection is a reminder of my great-grandmother's resourcefulness during a difficult time.

It is an inspiration for me and maybe the generations that follow.”

My paternal great-grandmother, Yamunabai Hari Helekar, faced significant hardships in her life.

In the early 1920s, the outbreak of the plague pandemic caused a significant loss of life among the working men in our household. As a result, my great-grandmother began making and selling crocheted items to support the family. She continued this work for 15 to 20 years until my grandfather grew up and became a lawyer. Some of the pieces she made during that time were not sold and have been saved until now. The thread is still in good condition and could potentially last for another century. I am considering whether to frame or dye them.  

P.S Notice the जय भारत (Jai Bharat) in one of her works.

(Left and above: Pictures of crocheted pieces preserved by Mrunalini Davjekar.)